Martin Hummel


Martin is a guy with advertising and music in his blood.

In fact, a lifetime of music and 37 years of advertising, at the best, most creatively driven agencies in the world (Saatchi, DDB, BBDO and AMV…in New York, San Francisco, Johannesburg and London).

He’s run some of the biggest, most respected, most demanding and most successful clients around the world (Apple, GM, FedEx, Nestle, P&G, Pepsi, Unilever) and across all communications disciplines.

These businesses have collectively won every conceivable award in the industry. And, as Group CEO, Martin has managed every type of agency in the business.

He was a Founding Partner and Chief Executive of Peak15, a highly creative advertising agency in London that delivered ideas that make a difference and drives results.

Early in his career, Martin was Corporate Director of Advertising & Marketing at Atari, in the pioneer days of Silicon Valley. And he also wrote one of the Top 10 viral ads of all time.

On the music side, Martin has worked with the biggest and best names within the industry, from Beyonce to Madonna, and from Michael Jackson to George Benson. He was Non-Executive Chairman and investor of Edition Records, an independent jazz label. Through his consultancy and management business, the Ubuntu Management Group which he founded, Martin has taken on the personal responsibility as manager of a portfolio of exceptionally talented jazz artists. This successful venture led to the creation of Ubuntu Music, a highly regarded jazz and jazz-related recorded music label.

He used to run marathons for a lark, but seems to have slowed down a bit these days.

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Enjoy the trip and you just might have a bit of fun.


Cornell University
INSEAD Executive Management Program