Martin & Publishing

Martin’s passion for publishing began in a big way, while as a student at Cornell University.

He was a founding member of a Sunday newspaper, The Ithaca Times, which was the vision of Jay S Walker, a gifted entrepreneur who later went on to create, a hugely successful online retailer that he sold for $1.6 Billion. At the newspaper, Martin was the Music Editor, covering concerts, new releases and interviewing touring artists.

Martin soon realized that he could pursue this calling on his own terms. He partnered with fellow Cornell student, Andre Balazs, and together they launched a New York State arts and entertainment publication, Onstage Magazine.

Martin wrote the business plan for the venture (getting special credit from the Business School), and was responsible for the editorial content. Andre was the publisher/designer, and later went on to fame and fortune with by acquiring prestigious hotels (Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and The Mercer Hotel in NY) and having interesting girlfriends (Uma Thurman).

With the success of the magazine and graduation looming, Martin sold his interest to Andre, packed his bags, and went off to Madison Avenue in New York as an ad man.

He later returned to the publishing side of business as a publicist for his gifted wife of 28 years, Leslie, who has written a number of juicy novels.

Leslie Hulsbus-Hummel

Publicist, Agent, Web Designer