Ok, it doesn’t get much bigger or more dramatic than this…

BBDO, with all its incredible worldwide creative resource, can’t crack a mega creative brief to combine the likes of Britney Spears, Beyonce, Pink and Enrique Iglesias for a global integrated music project on behalf of Pepsi.

Just before it becomes a lost cause (and a tragic business loss), yours truly stays up all night and writes the script that saves the day.

I was Creative Director/Art Director/Copywriter/Agent/Talent Negotiator for a fully integrated campaign that ran on a global basis. It was to appear on the Super Bowl in the US, but politics got in the way. (Who ever heard of an account guy writing an ad that runs on the most viewed and the most expensive program in the world?)

The sweet victories were that the ad achieved the highest copy scores in Pepsi’s history and the viral is one of the Top 10 most viewed ads in the history of the internet.

Oh, and Buzzfeed thinks it’s the best Pepsi commercial ever made. (See article on web address below.)

Pepsi-Cola International: David Foulds, SVP Advertising Services

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