It started as a modest UK promotion, with a girl band of ladies who couldn’t really sing.

It ended up as an all-inclusive sponsorship package that was used extensively around the world, featuring the biggest act on the planet for a teen-aged audience.

I had the foresight (aka luck) to see that ‘Girl Power’ was the new buzz. And the Spice Girls were full of all the buzz known to mankind.

The deal, negotiated with Simon Fuller of 19 Management, used the Spice Girls as a centrepiece activity that included advertising, point-of-sale, merchandising, a music channel, packaging rights, self-liquidating offers with exclusive music tracks, tour sponsorship, VIP appearances, and even a song, “Generation Next”, which was Pepsi’s anthem…performed by the Spice Girls and released as a single and on the album.

The lead commercial was the first international execution from a BBDO office to air in the US.

Pepsi-Cola International: Tim Davie, VP Marketing

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