Wrigley launched a new breath mint, X-Cite, across Europe with some of of the least inspiring advertising ever seen.

No surprise, the launch was a disaster.

In desperation, the client came to AMV BBDO with cap in hand, begging for an immediate solution to their crisis.

As the product delivered on an extreme breath refreshment platform, and was positioned to late teens and young adults in an overcrowded market, the proposition had to be simple and brilliant…and it was.

“New Wrigley’s X-Cite is the ultimate weapon against dog breath.”

The work flowed from that.

The “Dog Breath” commercial was the most complained about ad in the history of british advertising.

It was also perfect for the target group.

And it reversed a steep sales decline, increasing sales 117% in 11 days, and helped secure new listings.

That is, until Bill Wrigley Jr decided it wasn’t the kind of advertising that was fitting for a family owned company.

The Wrigley Company: Gharry Eccles, Managing Director

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