Pepsi ‘Blue’ Project

The brief was simple…and insane.

Pepsi came to us and said, “We’re changing the livery on all Pepsi variants. Blue will now be the dominant colour. You’re the agency, make something big out of it.”

And we did.

For a period of time, we made the world blue, and Pepsi owned it.

As the strap line said, we began to “Change the Script”.

We turned everything that was known for being red (read this as Coke), and it became blue.

Ketchup bottles, post boxes, apples, fire engines, you name it.

But we didn’t stop there…the Daily Mirror Newspaper was printed on blue paper for a day. And, out of the blue (pun intended), we painted Concorde blue and flew that way for three months.

We held the launch in a hanger at Gatwick Airport. Andre Agassi, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and many others joined the press conference of hundreds of journalists from around the world to witness the launch of Pepsi’s new, blue world.

Was it worth it? The Financial Times thought so, and ran the story on the front page of their newspaper.

And Pepsi thought it was worth it, as worldwide sales increased 7.5% that year…all on the basis of changing the colour of your packaging.

Pepsi-Cola International: Tim Davie, VP Marketing

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